Monday, 10 June 2013

Antola Mountain and daffodils ("casa del romano")

(Regional Nature Park)

It's the highest summit in the same Park and it's located on the ridge that connects the upper "Valley Scrivia" with "high Valley Trebbia". Known to all Genoese to the beautiful blooms that color its slopes. Traditional hiking destination.

I've already talked about Antola Mountain (26 November Post) ... with fog, rain and a plate of "polenta". From May to June, depending on the weather, it turns into a sea of ​​white daffodils. One Saturday with  sun, has become the perfect day for an outing with family and Bella of course!

Antola Nature Park

VIDEO :  meadows and daffodils...

Comune di Fascia- Genoa

Astronomical Observatory Regional Park Antola 

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