Thursday, 20 August 2015

Genova Vernazzola.

Genova Sturla Vernazzola
Vernazzola is a picturesque fishing village at the mouth of the Vernazza river, the village still preserves its ancient dwellings, the network of old streets and an atmosphere of a bygone era.
Some of the streets around Vernazzola have characteristic names inspired by ancient classical mythology: Argonauti, Giasone, Icarus, Pelio, Urania. These names were chosen at the request of the last mayor of San Francesco d'Albaro, a passionate lover of the classical world, shortly before the annexation of the town to Genoa, in the second half of the 18th Century.

Today it is still a nice beach for Genoese who want to take a bit of sunshine and take a bath without going too far from home, maybe after work!

 - Non sei tornato dal mare per l'ora di cena, 
al nostro cuore hai dato una gran pena
a te magg. Enrico e a tutti i tuoi compagni
porteremo un fiore in mare per anni anni-

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