Wednesday, 20 May 2015


This is Ligurian phenomenon known as the "Macaia", with low heavy clouds that cover also the Riviera area of Genoa, because of moist maritime air infiltration, the hills are bathed in the fog, while Genoa is shrouded in gray. From these clouds do not rain drops, only some tiny drop of water.
Macaia or maccaja is a word of Ligurian language, probably from Greek (from Malakia, languor, or from the Latin malacia, calm sea), or perhaps English ("muggy air"). It indicates a particular weather condition that occurs in the Gulf of Genoa, when the sirocco wind blows (a warm wind from the south-east), the sky is overcast and the humidity is high; in the spring, when a mass of warm air passes over the Ligurian Sea still cold can cause cloudy days, cold and gloomy. The word "maccaja" took over the nautical terminology too.

The term has changed over time even a metaphorical meaning, indicating a particular mood melancholy and gloomy.

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