Monday, 17 November 2014

The history of Tri.

The history of Tri.
byPaola Zagarella

Hello, I'm Tri, a beautiful tree made of sturdy trunks and green leaves like the eyes of Sonia
that every afternoon after homework  rock on a swing that Daddy has linked to my larger branch.
Some time ago there were a lot of trees like me, many were old, but happy to give fruits and shade to men ... but slowly the logs have been replaced by houses and buildings, bridges, roads and parking lots I have not more seen, I only saw the water, so much water that rising and took off the swing.
What's going on? What is that noise? Why do I tremble? Why, why, why ...
Tri !!! Where is my Tri? My swing!
Soon Sonia, run away, the earth is falling on the house!
Grandma, what all of this?

Sonia, many trees have roots that hold the earth together with strong hugs, but the man cut them and the ground beneath slips away ... away ... away.

small chronicle of a flood
Genoa in October and November 2014

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